Corporate Lease

The cornerstone of ORIX business activities, the finance lease, offers one of the most cost effective tailor made financial packages available in the market.

Corporate Lease Your ideal business partner

The cornerstone of ORIX business activities, the finance lease, offers one of the most cost effective tailor made financial packages available in the market. ORIX Corporate Lease Division offers lease financing options on both medium and long terms basis for plant and machinery, vehicles and office automation products. We approach each prospective lessee with individualized care and provide personal service to structure a lease according to the lessee’s requirements.

The finance lease is founded on the truism that profits are earned through usage and not through the ownership of an asset. It was this very concept that fuelled modern lease financing as an alternate method of financing. The corporate lease at ORIX is designed to give your business an opportunity to acquire movable and immovable assets without putting a strain on your cash flows.

How does it work

All you have to do is identify an asset that you need for your business. Subsequent to a feasibility study of your business, ORIX will purchase the asset(s) and provide you with unlimited usage of the asset for a predetermined repayment period structured according to agreed terms and conditions. An innovative offshoot of the finance lease allows you to release cash tied up in recently purchased assets through the ‘sale and lease back’ transaction, which increases the working capital available to your business.

ORIX has provided comprehensive leasing services to companies across the country for more than two decades. The company offers a personal touch and customized approach placing all its patrons on even footing. ORIX provides a wide range of assets together with attractive and customized repayment terms to all. This sense of fair play has been one of the foremost reasons behind ORIX’s success.

Our leases are priced competitively with a payment schedule designed specifically for you. We will give you the choices, convenience and value that you deserve.

Salient Features

  • ORIX Corporate Division offers leasing facility for plants and machinery, vehicles and office products.
  • The following are the flexible leasing options tailored to suit the lessees needs.
  • Fixed and variable rate (KIBOR based) leases.
  • Step up and step down leases.
  • Leases with grace period.
  • Sale and lease back.
  • ORIX will have the economic ownership of the asset whereas the lessee will avail the economic usage.
  • Leasing leads to tax savings as lease rentals are allowed to be charged as tax deductible expense in the profit and loss statement of the lessee.
  • Leasing guards against equipment obsolescence.
  • Leasing is a hedge against inflation.
  • Leasing is acceptable within the Islamic modes of financing as fixed rental payments are made.
  • ORIX branch network makes leasing available throughout Pakistan with growing presence in all major cities.

Eligibility Criteria

  • OLP will entertain enquiries from all business entities.
  • ORIX normally deals only with organizations which have a successful track record of three years of operations.

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